Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ECs in ECI have Judicial Powers but immune to Criminalisation

Not managing their Parties professionally,the 2 main Parties particularly, fielded Criminals, gave them Tickets to contest in Oct-Nov 2010 Bihar Assembly Elections.
In mandatory Election format affidavits, wannabe Legislators left columns BLANK, including PAN No.

Election Commission of India, Directive No3/ER/2009/SDR 21 March 2009 stipulates "no columns are to be left blank" NIL or NOT APPLICABLE should be written.

Civil Society in India now recognizes the fact that CEC & ECs - ECIs Main Functioneries are in this matter: Not doing their DUTY TO DEBAR & ACT PROACTIVELY. Powers are with them as per EC Conditions of Service Act of 25 Jan 1991 as those of a Judge of the Supreme Court.In Election Laws, Practice & Prcedure their Powers are also elaborated.

Though amendment of the ROP Act 1951 to disqualify persons, accused of an offence punishable by an imprisonment for five years or more, was a Topic communicated by then CEC Sh N Gopalaswami on 27 Oct 06 with an acknowledgement by PM Dr Manmohan Singh on 2 Nov 06, no follow up action has Happened since.4 yrs went by under CEC Sh Navin Chawla & end result is in 2009 General Elections Criminals as Law Makers increased from earlier 128 to 152 in Lok Sabha.

Development, Minimising Hunger, Having Law & Order have ALL therefore taken a tumble downwards. In NNFIs view + Associates & Alliances CEC + ECs must IMMEDIATELY debar Legislators who do not complete Mandated Disclosures EACH & EVERY COLUMN. 50% in 2009 poll fray did not cite PAN was reported in Times of India page 1 on 4 Jan 10, also Mail Today 21 April 09 page 1 having brought to ECs notice which clearly stated - ASPIRING MPs UNDERVALUE PROPERTY wherein declarations of: Hon'ble JP Aggarwal, Vijay Goel, Kapil Sibal, Rahul Gandhi & Sandeep Dikshit were Illustrated & details given.

Indian Democracy LIMPS & Heads to DISASTER. NNFI + Allies Prewarn & seek Corrections from ECI & its wings.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trustee [1 of 8]: Promod Chawla, NNFI National Network For India Trust

Each one of us realizes – we have Corruption at each step of our life also we are all gasping for fresh air & reprieve.

Our 1000 + Political Parties, 6700 Legislators lead us like Ritik Roshan’s TV Flute playing ad to Disaster – there were 128 Criminals in our 14th Lok Sabha – increased to 152 now since May 2009. Generation next does not look for Tortoise pace Incremental Change but wants a Technology upgraded Transformational format coupled with clear-cut Accountability & delivery.

Realization dawns: Criminals must not be Law Makers.

Having hand picked spirited, created groups & an ability to network - using the Internet, Promod Chawla has been part & parcel of NNFI now over 10 years. Within voluntary communities, a relationship with like minded Indians, as well as NRI's who value Group Action. Are passionate & keen to bring relief & a better life for all our brethren Indian citizens.

Recognizing this all happens with improved professional Legislators, after all non is blind to the fact that we make available Huge sums of Money to our State Legislators & in the Centre who use it as they like, stomach a large portion of it & to add salt to injury, live like Maharajas, more so, over last 2 decades.

NNFI core team are - connectors providing linkages, clarifications & ready assistance. Having hands on practical experience, in making it mandatory for wannabe legislators to declare their assets, liabilities, criminal record & educational qualifications. With ability to inject lateral thinking & thoughtful actions - this is done within principles of mutual respect & affection. All for Mother India.Greatly through spirited CSR Nation building activities.

Mr. Chawla worked in Balmer Lawrie & Co Ltd as a Professional in Corporate Planning & International business. Has been in Industry for 40 years. Now spends his whole time in giving back to society over the last 10 years. He is from The Doon School , Dehra Dun, an Alumni of IIMA & a golfer - a keen sportsman. Member Delhi Golf, Delhi Gym, IHC, Intach & Mumbai Gym.

PS: NNFI Trustees are: Subodh Bhargava, Promod Chawla, Jai Kumar, Samuel Paul,
Gen.Vinod Saighal, Roshan Seth, Tara Sinha, R K Somany. Strategist: Anant Trivedi
& Parmjit Jutla (based in EU) Economist: Prof Arun Kumar - Legal Counsel: Sanjay Parikh